On-the-spot advice

We are happy to visit you at your site and advice about possible products and services. Inspecting your site helps us to ensure that no important detail is missed.

Digital measuring and creation of CAD-plans

Using our state of the art equipment, we are able to plan and build your object with the highest precision. We also provide the measuring and CAD construction as a stand-alone service, we hand over the CAD-plans to you.

Maintainance of your objects

We offer maintenance as additional service to keep an eye regularly on your existing objects, inform you about required maintenance work and carry out the required work on demand. A long pleasure with your natural and synthetic stones is guaranteed.

Everything is possible

For the cemetery

  • Kerb Sets

    We build new kerb sets and renovate existing ones

  • Urns

    Urn graves, urn steles, urn pillars

  • Inscriptions

    Hand made, sandblastings, gildings

  • Grave purifications

    High-pressure cleaning, as well as professional reworking of grave elements

  • Grave decorations

    Laterns, vases, porcelain picture and many more

For your construction works

  • Floors

    Interior and exterior floors made of nature and artificial stones. Stone floors are ideal for floor heating systems because they are an excellent heat accumulator

  • Window sills

    Interior and exterior windows sills made from nature and artificial stones

  • Stairs

    For interior and exterior applications. Various forms available from nature and artificial stones available

  • Kitchen Worktops

    Made from nature stones and quartz composite. We find the appropriate stone for your application

  • Washstands

    As high-grade eye-catcher to enhance the appearance of your bath room

  • Nature stone facades and house plinths

    As long-lasting alternative for your building

Tiling works

  • Tiling works

    Tiles are a hygienic and easy-care alternative to other forms of floor and wall coverings. We also lay tiles that are not bought at our store

Other Services

  • Restorations

    We take care about your objects and make sure that they appear shiny and new again

  • Sculpture Works

    We carve your ideas into stones

  • Wage Works

    We are happy to provide you with wage works, for example tailoring of your existing tiles, hole drilling, installation of stones and many more

  • Object Maintenance

    To make sure you are happy with your stone products for a long time, we offer the maintenance of your objects as part of a maintenance contract